About Us

Teska tech was founded at 2012 by Karout holding, which they have over the years established their reputation by constantly expanding their operating base and by offering quality products & always special prices with services.
Our show room is located at Karout Mall 2nd floor with total space of 450 square meters.

Teska tech aim to achieve main three directives;


Our mission is to be the leading company of Electronic equipment & specialist electronic product with best services & solution provider at Lebanese market, by exceeding customers’ expectations, whoever Teska tech had a great feedback sense of grand opening in January 2013.


Teska tech, we will become the company most trusted of its field to provide our loyal customers the best & latest electronic equipment with special solutions required by them.


Teska tech we will be the team that meets its performance objectives every time, every way with no excuses, no exceptions and shell provide Honesty, Integrity, Empowerment, Diversity & will speak openly and directly with empathy, respect and willingness to resolve all issues through mutual compromise.
-We will do what we say and will create an environment that attracts, retains, and respects every individual regardless of our difference.